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Industrial Infrastructure Mapping

Accessing and controlling your plant's plans and documentations has never been easier!
You can now control the plant's entire infrastructure system (gas, electricity, water, telecommunications, sewage, fire and emergency preparedness, and more) using a simple integrated system.

Your essential tool for project management
Managing infrastructure and utilities of industrial plants entails a great responsibility.
It requires constant monitoring and modification, and often involves coordination between different managers and professionals like engineers and operations managers, each comes from a different background and has a different perspective.

Along the way, a great amount of crucial data gets accumulated in various digital and printed files.
Due to the intense, collaborative nature and the vast amount of scattered data, it often becomes impossible to navigate through the maps and plans of the facility.

Marom introduced a system that aggregates the entire infrastructure-related data. Using a structured process with a proven track record, Marom's system has transformed Infrastructure Management for hundreds of organizations in various sectors and sizes.  
Your tool for a micro and macro perspective
What happens when there's a maintenance or repair project in the facility? How can you determine the exact location of the different pipelines? What happens when a specific production hall has to be relocated or expanded? Or when there is an urgent problem with the sewage or water system in the facility?
Especially in those cases, when there is a lot of precise, crucial information at hand, time and resources are often being wasted in an attempt to aggregate old and new data and communicate with the key professionals.
At that point, Marom's expertise comes into play:
Marom aggregates and compiles old and new data, maps and plans and provides you with a broad perspective of the project, the facility and its infrastructure.
Three easy steps: 
  1. Turn on the system.
  2. Choose the relevant facility, building or floor.
  3. View and analyze all of the facility's relevant maps and data- presented in colorful layers over an aerial photo, using adjustable resolutions.
What are the benefits of using Marom's system?
•  Effective communication: a consistent set of data is being used by all parties involved
  Clear, interactive display of all the relevant plans and maps
•  Broad perspective of the facility and infrastructure makes decision-making easy and efficient
•  Important data is always accessible- no need to rely on a specific person's knowledge
•  Quick integration between existing infrastructure maps and new plans
•  Easy access to high resolution original plans
•  100% customizable to the specific organization's need 

contact us today to learn how you can control your maps and plans, and have your data work for you!

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